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gray diamond necklace

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✧ Pendant Size 17mm x  7.5mm wide
✧ Pink Tourmaline
✧ 18 inch chain with option to wear at 16"
✧ Diamond Cut Boston Link Chain
✧ 14k Yellow Gold ~ chain & setting


..: description :..

Diamonds are undeniably a popular choice for many when it comes to picking out new jewelry; the depth of sparkle that they contain captivate people all around the world. For me, these "perfect" diamonds make great accents on jewelry but lack character that other stones contain. When rose cut diamonds of different colors rose in popularity, I was so excited to give people diamonds but different. 

This cool gray diamond is cut in a rosecut fashion, where the facets lie on the top of the stone while the bottom is flat. I set this kite shaped stone in a bezel setting carved by my very own hands, cast into 14k yellow gold, then added round jump rings to hold the chain as well as to balance the linear edges on the stone and setting.

Perfect for layering, gorgeous on its own, and matches with just about everything, this rose cut diamond necklace is a gorgeous addition to anyone's jewelry collection. 

..: diamond :..

Diamond is April's birthstone

100 miles beneath the surface of Earth, high temperatures and high amounts of pressure work together to form the popular and highly sought after diamond. Diamonds have a long history of being desired, described by Roman naturalist Pliny in the first century AD to be "the most valuable, not only of precious stones, but of all things in the world."

Humans long lasting affair with diamonds began in India, being found in the country's rivers and streams, being traded as early as the fourth century BC. For centuries diamonds have been appreciated and highly esteemed, although not much scientific knowledge about them until the last 50 years. 


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